‘Welcome to Samdal-ri’ actor Ji Chang Wook issues apology for smoking indoors, team deletes BTS video

✍️Ji Chang Wook Issues Apology for Smoking Indoors, BTS Video Deleted✍️

South Korean actor Ji Chang Wook, known for his role in ‘Welcome to Samdal-ri,’ found himself in hot water after a behind-the-scenes video from the show’s set revealed him smoking indoors, prompting an online backlash and the subsequent deletion of the video by the production team. Although the incident has raised eyebrows, Ji Chang Wook has since issued an apology for his actions and his agency, Spring Company, has released a statement addressing the matter.

Initially shared on January 26, the BTS video showcased candid moments from the set of ‘Welcome to Samdal-ri.’ However, eagle-eyed netizens spotted Ji Chang Wook smoking an electronic cigarette indoors, which drew attention as it is against the law to smoke or vape in public areas in South Korea, except in designated smoking areas. Following the video’s viral circulation, Ji Chang Wook issued an apology, and the production team eventually removed the video altogether.

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In response to the situation, Ji Chang Wook’s agency, Spring Company, issued a statement on February 11, acknowledging the discomfort caused by the actor’s actions. The statement expressed regret for the incident, with Ji Chang Wook recognizing his behavior as improper and expressing his sorrow for disappointing many people. The agency also pledged to take measures to prevent such incidents from happening in the future and extended a sincere apology for causing concern.

As the matter settles, Ji Chang Wook is set to feature in ‘The Queen ‘Woo” on the K-drama front.

➤# FAQs

✍️1. Why is it illegal to smoke indoors in South Korea?✍️
In South Korea, smoking indoors is banned to protect public health and reduce the exposure of non-smokers to secondhand smoke. This legislation aims to create a healthier environment and prevent the harmful effects of smoking in enclosed areas.

✍️2. What are the consequences of smoking indoors in South Korea?✍️
Violating the indoor smoking ban in South Korea can result in fines for both the individual smoking and the establishment permitting it. The penalties may vary depending on the severity of the violation and can extend to administrative measures for businesses.

✍️3. What is the significance of Ji Chang Wook’s apology?✍️
Ji Chang Wook’s apology acknowledges his responsibility for his actions and expresses regret for causing discomfort to others. It also highlights the importance of adhering to public health regulations and sets an example for accountability in the public eye.

➤# Conclusion

Ji Chang Wook’s apology and the subsequent action by his agency to address the indoor smoking incident demonstrate a recognition of the impact of his actions and a commitment to preventing similar occurrences in the future. With a focus on accountability and public health, this incident serves as a reminder of the importance of adhering to regulations and considering the well-being of others.

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