WhatsApp To Introduce New Theme Features & More Soon For IOS Beta

# WhatsApp Introduces New Theme Features for iOS Beta

WhatsApp is set to introduce new features for its iOS beta version, granting users more customizability over the app’s theme accent. The changes include a green tint in the beta version’s interface and the ability to select from five different theme color accents. Additionally, WhatsApp is testing a sticker editor feature on the latest beta version for iOS, aiming to provide users with more flexibility in customizing and creating stickers directly within the app.

➤ WhatsApp Introduces Theme Accent Feature on iOS

WhatsApp is reportedly working on a new feature for iOS that will allow users to customize the theme accent of the popular messaging app. Users will soon have the ability to choose from five different theme colour accents, according to information shared by WABetaInfo, a feature tracker known for uncovering details about upcoming WhatsApp features.

➤# Green Tint in Beta Version

The company recently introduced changes to the appearance of the beta version on iOS, incorporating a green tint to certain parts of the app’s interface, hinting at a broader effort to give users more control over the visual aspects of the app.

➤# Customizable UI Elements

The forthcoming feature will enable users to select a theme accent for various UI elements, including message counts on the chat list, circles around status updates, colors of selected tabs at the bottom, and certain buttons on the interface. The default color accent for these elements in the current stable version is blue.

➤# Five Colour Accent Options

WABetaInfo shared a screenshot revealing five color accent options for users: WhatsApp’s green accent, the existing blue, off-white, pink, and purple. Users will be informed that selecting one of these options will update the app’s main branding color.

➤# Sticker Editor Feature

In addition to the theme accent feature, WhatsApp is testing a sticker editor on the latest beta version for iOS (, aiming to provide users with more flexibility in customizing and creating stickers directly within the app.

➤# Edit Existing Stickers and Create Your Own Stickers

Beta testers can tap on existing stickers and access an “Edit Sticker” button, allowing them to make modifications to the stickers they have. This eliminates the need for third-party sticker apps. Additionally, users can create their own stickers within the app and even remove backgrounds from images on their phones while creating stickers.

➤ Rollout Details

While the sticker editor is currently being rolled out to beta testers, the color accent picker is still in development. WhatsApp typically maintains feature parity between iOS and Android, suggesting that these features will likely make their way to WhatsApp for Android in the future.


➤# Q: When will the new theme features be available for all WhatsApp users?
A: The feature is currently being tested on the beta version for iOS. After successful testing, it is expected to be rolled out to all iOS users. Android users may also receive the feature in the future.

➤# Q: Will users be able to create custom stickers on WhatsApp for Android too?
A: While the sticker editor feature is currently being tested on WhatsApp for iOS, it is possible that it will also be made available to Android users in the future.

➤ Conclusion

WhatsApp’s introduction of new theme features and a sticker editor for its iOS beta version reflects the platform’s commitment to providing users with enhanced customization options and creative tools. As the development progresses, it is anticipated that these features will expand to benefit a broader user base across different platforms. Users can look forward to a more personalized and expressive messaging experience on WhatsApp.

By incorporating these features, WhatsApp aims to enhance user engagement and provide a more intuitive and dynamic messaging platform for its growing user base. As the testing phase continues, users can expect further updates and improvements to these features.

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