‘When Life Gives You Tangerines’: IU & Park Bo Gum display playful chemistry in viral BTS photo

✍️IU and Park Bo Gum’s playful chemistry in behind-the-scenes photo✍️

As the much-anticipated K-drama, ‘When Life Gives You Tangerines’, is set to captivate audiences, a recent behind-the-scenes photo of its lead stars – IU and Park Bo Gum has garnered significant attention. The snapshot captured the duo exuding a playful chemistry, dressed in retro-inspired outfits. This has further heightened fans’ anticipation for the upcoming romantic drama.

✍️The story behind ‘When Life Gives You Tangerines’✍️

Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Jeju Island, ‘When Life Gives You Tangerines’ promises to narrate the life journeys of two individuals born on the island in the 1950s. IU portrays Ae Soon, a spirited young woman known for her unwavering positivity despite facing numerous trials. On the other hand, Park Bo Gum takes on the role of Gwan Shik, a hardworking and devoted individual who grapples with expressing his emotions. As a slice-of-life romance, the K-drama is scheduled to premiere on Netflix in 2024.

✍️Frequently Asked Questions✍️

✍️1. When will ‘When Life Gives You Tangerines’ be available for streaming?✍️
‘When Life Gives You Tangerines’ is confirmed to be available for streaming on Netflix in 2024.

✍️2. What roles do IU and Park Bo Gum play in the K-drama?✍️
IU plays Ae Soon, a spirited young woman, while Park Bo Gum stars as Gwan Shik, a dedicated and hardworking individual.

✍️3. Who is the director of ‘When Life Gives You Tangerines’?✍️
The K-drama is directed by Kim Won-seok.

✍️4. Where is the K-drama set?✍️
The story unfolds against the picturesque location of Jeju Island.

✍️5. What is the genre of ‘When Life Gives You Tangerines’?✍️
‘When Life Gives You Tangerines’ is classified as a slice-of-life romance.


The playful chemistry between IU and Park Bo Gum in the viral BTS photo from ‘When Life Gives You Tangerines’ has sparked excitement among fans. As the anticipation for the K-drama continues to build, viewers eagerly await the release of this enchanting romantic tale set against the backdrop of Jeju Island. With an acclaimed director at the helm, the upcoming series is poised to weave a captivating narrative of love, resilience, and the human experience.

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