Will Jerry Jeudy Play in Week 17? Who is Jerry Jeudy?

Will Jerry Jeudy Play in Week 17?

The Week 17 availability of Denver Broncos wide receiver Jerry Jeudy remains uncertain due to an illness. Jeudy’s potential absence poses challenges for the Broncos’ receiving corps. Fresherslive consistently delivers ongoing news and trending topics in a straightforward manner, making it effortless for you to stay informed. We prioritize clarity and simplicity in our communication.

Who is Jerry Jeudy?

Jerry Jeudy, born on April 24, 1999, is an accomplished American football wide receiver playing for the Denver Broncos in the NFL. Known for his athleticism, precise route running, and impressive catch ability, Jeudy has become a key player for the Broncos.

Jerry Jeudy Career

Jeudy’s football career is a compelling tale of talent and resilience. Beginning at Deerfield Beach High School in Florida, he rose to prominence with a standout senior year, marked by 76 receptions, 1,054 yards, and 15 touchdowns. His five-star recruit status led him to the University of Alabama, where he made an immediate impact. In the NFL, the Denver Broncos drafted Jeudy in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft. His career, marked by achievements and hurdles, exemplifies the journey of a talented wide receiver navigating the competitive landscape of high school, college, and professional football.

Jerry Jeudy Stats

  • 2023 Season (Broncos): Total Receptions: 48, Receiving Yards: 625, Average Yards per Reception: 13.0, Longest Reception: 46 yards, Receiving Touchdowns: 1, Rushing Yards: 0
  • 2022 Season (Broncos): Total Receptions: 67, Receiving Yards: 972, Average Yards per Reception: 14.5, Longest Reception: 67 yards, Receiving Touchdowns: 6, Rushing Yards: 40, Average Yards per Carry: 10.0
  • 2021 Season (Broncos): Total Receptions: 38, Receiving Yards: 467, Average Yards per Reception: 12.3, Longest Reception: 40 yards, Rushing Yards: 3, Average Yards per Carry: 1.5
  • 2020 Season (Broncos): Total Receptions: 52, Receiving Yards: 856, Average Yards per Reception: 16.5, Longest Reception: 92 yards, Receiving Touchdowns: 3, Rushing Yards: 0
  • Career Totals: Total Receptions: 205, Receiving Yards: 2,920, Average Yards per Reception: 14.2, Longest Reception: 92 yards, Receiving Touchdowns: 10, Rushing Yards: 43, Average Yards per Carry: 7.2

Jerry Jeudy Injury Update

As of the latest update, Denver Broncos wide receiver Jerry Jeudy is dealing with an illness, raising questions about his availability for the upcoming game. Jeudy missed a Friday training session, indicating potential concerns about his fitness.


Is Jerry Jeudy expected to play in Week 17?

As of now, Jerry Jeudy’s availability for Week 17 is uncertain due to an illness. It remains to be seen if he will participate in the upcoming game against the Chargers.

What are Jerry Jeudy’s career achievements?

Jerry Jeudy has excelled as a wide receiver, earning accolades at both the collegiate and professional levels. He was awarded the Fred Biletnikoff Award in 2018 and has displayed remarkable skills throughout his career.

What are Jerry Jeudy’s stats for the 2023 season?

In the 2023 season, Jerry Jeudy has recorded 48 receptions, 625 receiving yards, an average of 13.0 yards per reception, and 1 receiving touchdown.


As the Denver Broncos prepare for a crucial Week 17 clash against the Chargers, the uncertainty surrounding Jerry Jeudy’s availability has created anticipation and concern among the team’s supporters. The outcome will significantly impact the team’s offensive strategy and their chances in the upcoming game. Fans and the coaching staff eagerly await updates on Jeudy’s health as they await a decision closer to game time.

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