World Tourism Week: IAF Centre, Plaza and Sukhna Lake will shine with lighting

In Chandigarh, preparations are underway to celebrate World Tourism Day for a week. The administration is taking the initiative to make this occasion special by organizing events in various tourist spots across the city. One of the highlights of the celebrations will be the illumination of all tourist places through temporary lighting.
The Government Press Building of Sector-18, Indian Air Force Center, Sukhna Lake, Sector-17 Plaza area, Capital Complex, and other tourist spots will be adorned with lighting, which will cost approximately Rs 2.14 lakh. This lighting will enhance the ambiance and attractiveness of these places, creating a festive atmosphere.
The theme for this year’s World Tourism Day is “Tourism with Green Investment.” In line with this theme, the Tourism Department of Chandigarh Administration has planned various events to promote sustainable tourism practices. Alongside the lighting, the department will organize different activities such as quizzes, painting competitions, and musical nights.
These events aim to engage both locals and tourists, encouraging them to participate in the celebrations and learn more about the importance of sustainable tourism. By combining entertainment and education, the Tourism Department hopes to raise awareness about the positive impact of responsible tourism and the need for green investments in the sector.

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